On Taking the Younger Son to the Library

Library Building - Norwich - geograph.org.uk - 780635

The Forum – somewhere in there is the library…

Fils cadet loves going to the library. Fils aîné kind of likes it too, once he gets there, but gets a lot more attached to his books and reluctant to take them back, whereas fils cadet has to be discouraged from trying to return our own books in his enthusiasm.

Button III

We do like a good button to press.
Photo by sarae.

So yesterday it was just me and the toddler. We can happily spend hours in the library, reading all the books, pointing out all the pictures of Elmer, the Gruffalo etc on the walls, carpets, cushions and so on, and playing with the bead-wire thingy. I think he must have set an all-time speed record on this occasion though: charge in, give a good whack to the button that opens the children’s library door, shove the returned books into the box on the exciting self-service machine (pressing a few extra buttons and making mummy do it all again on the way), shove the books onto the returns trolley, race down to the other end of the library, grab the first 8 books that take his fancy, back to the self-service machine, books in box, press more buttons (yay!),  another good whack to the door button and out again. About five minutes in total.

Bead game

And one of these is usually fun too…
Photo by Valerie Everett

Despite this less than discriminating approach, though, we picked up some pretty good reading matter (and some less good). I’ll write about the books in yesterday’s stash over the next few days.

Some of our latest haul of library books

A little taster of the selection.

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6 Responses to On Taking the Younger Son to the Library

  1. Mark says:

    Oh the joys of the library with a toddler!

    I’m not sure the staff enjoy our visits quite as much as my two boys do though.

    All was fine until one discovered the fun that could be had with a Photo Booth while his little brother realised that while I dragged him back to the children’s section he had licence to run amok elsewhere?

    Then there’s always the bright yellow panic button in the lift that is rediculously low on the control panel which apparently screams out “press me, I dare you!”

  2. Greenpatches says:

    Happy memories of my library visits with my daughter!

    Pleased to see that old favourites like ‘Peepbo!’ are still around.

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