Fantastic Mr Dahl


The BFG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fils cadet and I just got back from spending the morning at fils aîné‘s school where we were joining in with a reading café to celebrate 30 years of the BFG. The children were invited to dress as a favourite Dahl character – FA hasn’t read any of them yet so he wore patched jeans and a jumper and went as Charlie Bucket. There were a lot of Willy Wonkas with top hats, capes and sticks, loads of generic Halloween witch dresses, and a few foxes with ears and tails. One or two had really gone to town with face paint and hair dye as Oompa Loompas and there was even a teacher in an Enormous Crocodile suit…

Anyway, it was a fun morning of story telling, music, craft activities and a scavenger hunt. The answers were all from books I haven’t read for a very long time but it’s a mark of good storytelling how clearly I remmember them. (I was a bit shocked by one or two mums saying “I don’t know, I’ve never read them, you’ll have to guess”!) FC found it all a bit long and didn’t seem to be listening, but he’s spent the rest of the morning singing Little Rabbit Foo Foo – OK, not Dahl, but the song guy had some time to fill – so something seems to have gone in!

Painting and sugar mouse

Guess the book from the crafts?

In FA’s class they were reading Fantastic Mr Fox. As we didn’t get very far into it, finding out how it continues might finally be a way to get him reading chapter books – something we haven’t yet managed. We’ll have to dig the box of Dahl books out of the loft and give it a go. All the activities were aimed as much at inspiring the parents to read with and to our children as at enthusing the kids for Dahl. There were a few grumblers but mostly it seemed to go down well.

And best of all, we got to finish up with a big slab of Mrs Trunchball style chocolate cake, which cheered FC right up again! Fortunately, nobody was forced to finish the whole thing.

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