What Small Rabbit Heard

This was one of fils cadet‘s latest batch of Bookstart books. What Small Rabbit Heard by Sheryl Webster and Tim Warnes is published by Oxford University Press (2010) – we’ve had a surprising number of lovely picture books from such an academic publisher – and features, as its name suggests, a small rabbit. Big Rabbit wants to go for a walk but Small Rabbit would rather stay at home out of the wind. Being a Small Rabbit, he gets dragged along anyway but ends up having a lovely time.

What Small Rabbit Heard by Sheryl Webster & Tim Warnes (OUP, 2010)

Big Rabbit gets rather fretful in the manner of parents out and about with young children – “Try to keep up!”, “Stay with me please!”, “Fasten your coat!” – but her words get carried away by the wind. What Small Rabbit hears is: “Jump in the mud!”, “Roll in the leaves!” and “Ride on the goat!”. So he does. In the end, despite having to retrieve her dirty offspring from a cupboard in a nice clean house, both Small and Big Rabbit have to agree that walking in the wind is a lot of fun.

Plenty for parents and children alike to identify with here!

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