Edwina, The Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct

This book by Mo Willems (author of the utterly brilliant Don’t Let the Pigeon series) stars Edwina, the friendly local dinosaur. Everybody loves Edwina because she bakes cookies, helps little old ladies cross the road and plays with all the neighbourhood kids. Everybody except Reginald von Hoobie-Doobie. Reginald von Hoobie-Doobie knows that dinosaurs are extinct but nobody will listen to him. Infuriated, he finally finds a listening ear in Edwina herself. By the end of his persuasive, expressive and LOUD monologue, Edwina knows that she is extinct. But what will happen now?




That this is lots of fun to read and beautifully illustrated goes without saying with Mo Willems. If you don’t know his books you absolutely must check them out!


You can feel the frustration of a literal minded child faced with the illogicality of the world. Reginald likes to give talks on the things he knows and today he is talking about:


Things that are extinct. Specifically, dinosaurs.


It’s also good to see him give full vent to his emotions once he has a good listener on hand. Edwina too is charming with her little hat, handbag and beads, and her coy smile. Reginald and Edwina represent two approaches to life and there is something for everyone here.


English: Mo Willems

Mo Willems (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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