Reasons to Be Cheerful

Rain days

Rain days (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

It’s raining again. It seems to have been raining forever. The weather hasn’t read the calendar. It’s July on Monday and I went out this morning in boots with a jumper and a rain mac. So I’ve been sitting around feeling uninspired and rather down in the dumps.

So sod that, let’s look at a few cheery things:

My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes by Eve Sutton and Lynley Dodd. Does pretty much what it says on the tin. There are beautifully illustrated cats from around the world that like to do other things but “my cat likes to hide in boxes”. Fun to read and fun for little ones to join in with.

My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes (Penguin, 1978)

And there are cats and boxes. What more can you ask for?

Then there was a nice parcel in the post yesterday. An agency client pleased enough with my work to send me a copy of the brochure it was used in. A nice little ego boost.

Finally, tomorrow evening, my time, there’s Lisa Carter’s virtual literary salon to launch her latest translation – The House of Impossible Loves by Cristina López Barrio. It sounds like fun, and such an innovative way to promote a translated book. You can see more details and find out how to sign up here.

There, I feel better already!

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I'm a freelance literary translator from German and French to English. The title of my blog comes from Mary Schmich's description of reading: it struck home with me, and seems especially apt for translated fiction. Here are some of my musings on what I'm reading, re-reading, reading to my children, and translating.
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