Multiples – Resolved!

When I was writing up the session on What Publishers Want from the London Book Fair, I was bemused by the single and mysterious word “Multiples” in my notes.

An exchange on Twitter this morning resolved the confusion:

It sounds absolutely fascinating and will go on my wishlist forthwith.

Multiples, ed. Adam Thirlwell, Portobello Books, 2013

Like Chinese whispers, the rules of this literary game are simple: the first writer translates an unknown story into English, which a second writer then translates into a different language, and a third translates back into English, and so on, down the line. As the stories are told and retold, out of English and in again, they are transformed, twisted and turned into something new.

About forwardtranslations

I'm a freelance literary translator from German and French to English. The title of my blog comes from Mary Schmich's description of reading: it struck home with me, and seems especially apt for translated fiction. Here are some of my musings on what I'm reading, re-reading, reading to my children, and translating.
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2 Responses to Multiples – Resolved!

  1. Apparently Adam Thirlwell will be at Edinburgh Book Festival on 12th August to discuss this project.

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