It’s been a little bit crazy lately…

… which is why I still haven’t managed to get back into any kind of blogging rhythm. Sorry about that.

The latest news is that the fight to stop our school being forced into becoming an academy has now been taken to the High Court. It is absolutely ridiculous that it has come to this, and we still hope that the combined forces of Govism – the IEB, Norfolk County Council and the DfE – will come to their senses and not contest the action before any more money, time and energy is wasted on fighting the people who ought to be supporting us.

Meanwhile, the situation at the school continues tense, with the IEB apparently trying to weasel out of even the bare minimum of statutory consultation required of them. They appear to be under the impression that saying “we’re handing you over to these people, but do you have any questions for them about the way we do it?” is the same as consulting us. Which is nice. Even the utterly unscientific show of hands vote at our recent public meeting was a better consultation than that!

The public meeting went very well, though. It was really heartening to see how much support we have from the local community, and how much the school means to people. Since then, we’ve had a stall at the May Day event and I will be speaking at an Education Question Time event the NUT are organising next week. I was also interviewed for Anglia News yesterday, which should hopefully be shown tomorrow. All of which would have been a terrifying prospect not so long ago, and just goes to show that you never know what you can do till you start!

EDP report on the Public Meeting

Storify account of the Save Cavell campaign by another Cavell parent


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